Duff dates: 2018

Friday, 12 January – Bell and Crown, Snaith

Friday, 9th Feburary – The Mac, Goole

Saturday, 10th March – The Black horse, York

Friday, 30th March – The old town hall, Wombwell

Saturday, 31st March – The bridge, Bradford

Friday, 20th April – The lion, Cas vegas

Sunday, 22nd April – Private party, Leeds

Sunday, 6th May – Goole fest, Goole

Friday, 8th June – Junction, South emsall

Friday, 22nd June – Rotters bike do, Wressle

Saturday, 6th October – The Black horse, York

Saturday, 27th October – The bridge, Bradford

Saturday, 17th November – Bell and Crown, Snaith

Friday, 23rd November – The Mac, Goole

We are currently taking bookings for 2017-2018, watch this space for more details!