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Dufflegoat, the story so far:

Way back in the summer of ’94 when the living was easy.....

Tony, fresh from playing bass in “Shades of earth” ( who appeared on the old grey whistle test) joined a band known to both it’s fans as “Mark 3 and the Cortinas”. This is where he met Roger (guitar), and his life was never to be the same again!
Roger was also in “Evil Mary’s Bandwagon” (who won Gig Central demo of the year) and it was here that Roger met their excitable drummer, Paul.

A last minute gig came up for Mark 3 and the Cortina’s, but half the band (Vocals and drums) were unavailable. By a curious twist of fate, Paul was free that night and a plan was hatched. Tony would play Bass and sing, Roger on Guitar, and Paul bringing up the rear on drums, Perfect.
Perfect, except for the fact that Paul and Tony hadn’t met before, let alone played together, and Paul didn’t know any of the covers.....

This is where the Dufflegoat ethos was born, doing it live, giving it 100% and winging it with the best of ‘em. We learned the set from the car stereo on the way down to the gig, then went out and did it live, instantly gelling with each other. We loved it, the crowd loved it, and that night Dufflegoat was formed. And we do it just the same now (although we do practice!) Total enthusiasm and ability, fuelled by the raw adrenaline of playing rock live. When the lights are on and the white mist descends, you’ve just got to come and see us.....

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